Entech&Semar provides expert consultation and software support is to ensure real time engineering data passes effortlessly between applications such as MRP, ERP or PLM tools. This unique approach of us ensures all engineering disciplines can work within a single integrated environment.

SSI-Ship Constructor

Entech&Semar is the only Authorized Reseller of SSI-Ship Constructor design software in Turkish region. ShipConstructor is an AutoCAD based software product line created for design, engineering and construction in the shipbuilding industry. ShipConstructor’s AutoCAD foundation provides a user environment that is a globally recognized CAD/CAM standard. ShipConstructor’s use of COTS technologies such as AutoCAD and Microsoft SQL Server allows it to be integrated with other business processes and applications.

This enables it to address the requirements of all clients and projects. These differentiators are combined in an industry specific product that incorporates shipbuilding standards, concepts and terminology.

SSI has pioneered an approach called Marine Information Modeling or MIM which enables true concurrent engineering and promotes interoperability with other business processes and applications. At the core of MIM is a complete virtual model of the entire vessel including each of the various disciplines, from hull production design and structural detailing, to outfitting and assembly sequencing.

All work within a single integrated environment, sharing a consistent interface, and are connected via a project database that stores the intelligence, relationships, attribute information and 3D model, plus the rules and standards used in the product model’s composition. The information within the database is associative at every level, beginning with the industry specific standards used to create the model and extending all the way to the automatically generated AutoCAD based production documentation used in the shipyard.