Diesel Engine MAN B&W 9K98ME-C Overhaul

Entech & Semar is proud to announce that, our teams of competent and experienced staff are carrying out the major overhaul works on the main engine, which is one of the world biggest diesel engine MAN B&W 9K98ME-C, belonging to one of our good client’s vessel.

Entech & Semar is always at our valuable clients’ service with our 30 engineers /technicians for overhauling of the main engines and auxiliary engines of your good vessels.

We are able to carry out the overhauling works with our qualified & experienced engineers and technicians of the main engines and auxiliary engines either on board of the vessels or at our workshop.

In the meantime, we are able to provide a qualified service for reconditioning works for piston crowns, piston skirts, cylinder heads, exhaust valves/seats & fuel injection valve refurbishment works at our workshop.

Entech & Semar will have pleasure to assist you on your valuable needs & requests with our experienced team.

For more information please visit us at www.entechsemar.com
For your valuable inquiries please submit to technic@entechsemar.com & marketing@entechsemar.com


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