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We supply the all service, repair and maintenance services of all low, medium and high speed diesel engines, pumps, coolers, compressors, hydraulic/pneumatic units and small components in our well-equipped machinery workshop facilities.

Machinery Service Team mainly offers;

We determine the engine conditions, such as checking the bearing,rod,cylinder, cylinder cover, fuel pump/valve conditions/clearances, measuring the engine performance onboard and reporting the ship owner.

We prefer to disassembly the parts and bring the our  workshop to provide complete  renewing. Then our team assembly the parts on board.

All parts are clean within the cleaning bowl equipment by fresh hot water.

Measuring the inlet exhaust valves, valve seats, grinding/milling/renewing the parts, o-rings where necessary. Then pressure tested.

‘Machining and grinding of ring grooves, renewing stuffing box’

We determine the wear and damage and provide honing service of cylinder liners after measurement

Crack testing by Dye penetrant to determine hidden cracks, measuring the ovality, wearing by tightening the rod. Where necessary the rods are

The charge air coolers are cleans by ultrasonic device, tested, leakaged pipes are blocked if any.

We are  experienced also for overhauling of pumps, coolers compressors and other parts. Renewing of the centrifugal part of the pump is also scope of supply.

We produce the shaft, bush, wearing ring, special tools etc in our drill, lathe benches to solve the customer troubles rapidly.

After overhauling, the exposed surface of the parts are painted in acc to original RAL code. Then packaging by company material and ready to assembly.

After assembly of the engine parts on board, we attend the sea trial and commissioning period of the vessel, to observe the engine, ready to act if any trouble, to measure the engine performance, record the values.

We prepare a service report contains vessel particulars, date, responsible person, works done ( including all measurement, records, pictures during overhauling), recommendations, objections. The service report is published by 3 signed copy ( master, ship owner office and company ).

Machinery Workshop Equipment


Office Adress :

Eğitim Mh. Ahsen Sk. Sadıkoğlu 5 Plaza No: 12 Kat: 2 D: 41 Kadıköy / İstanbul / TURKEY

Phone : +90 216 330 74 80 - 216 349 70 37

Fax : +90 216 330 74 06

E-mail : head@entechmarine.com
Career : career@entechmarine.com

Workshop Adress :

Aydıntepe Mah., Sahil Yolu Cad. No: 27 - 34947
Tuzla / İstanbul / TURKEY

Phone : +90 216 494 16 11

Fax : +90 216 494 13 21

E-mail : workshop@entechmarine.com

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